Who we are

The Trust is an arts charity, one which focusses its efforts specifically on the support of artists at the beginning of their careers. Each year there are twenty five to thirty beneficiaries.

Filskit Theatre's Scratch Workshop at TakeOff Festival 2012
© Gabriel Szalontai


"AKX (AK stands for Akram Khan, X stands for experiment) is a programme that aims to bridge vocational training and professional performance for fresh graduates of dance training in the
UK. Encapsulating the collaborative practice of Khan, it focuses on developing participants' own artistic voice, often necessary after 3 years of rigorous technical training. We are grateful to have received a grant from The Fenton Arts Trust to support the programme and its participants in 2015.

Clare Cody-Richardson, Project Manager

If you are thinking of making an application, please help us by reading carefully the What we do and How to apply pages. Doing this should increase your chances of success and save wasted effort. By minimising our administrative costs we aim to maximise the amount of money that we can disperse.


Shelley Baxter
Paul Bayley
Sue Davies-Scourfield
Tricia Friswell
Gregor Logan
Stephen Morris. PhD - Chair
Fiona Thompson, PhD, ACA - Honorary Treasurer

Dame Maggie Smith CH - Patron
Consultant to the Trustees - David Tong
Trust Manager and Administrator - Christine Bisatt

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