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Greater Manchester
Police Male Voice Choir

Composer Chris Roe acknowledges applaus

"The grant from The Fenton Arts Trust allowed me to complete this ambitious piece bringing together two choirs and orchestra. It was a career-changing moment to hear my music being played and sung by such a large and diverse group of musicians!"

Chris Roe, composer

"The support from the Trust gave me an opportunity to push myself as a conductor, but also learn in detail about how to go about commissioning and supporting composers to create new choral repertoire."

Michael Betteridge, Conductor

Grant Application

Applications for grants may come from groups or individuals directly, or via organisations. Applications may also come from any academic or vocational arts institution who wish to support their alumni on completion of their degrees and as they begin their professional practice. See here for more details.

Fenton News

Alumni Support Programmes

Since the Trustees decided to concentrate their entire grant giving on helping those who had completed their formal education and were taking their first professional steps, a number of educational institutions have responded by approaching the Trust for support with some innovative alumni programmes.

Chair of the Trust Stephen Morris commented:

"The world of arts education has changed enormously since Shu Yao began to show the work of recent graduates in her own home. Courses of every kind prepare their students to do wonderful things, but they increasingly take employment outside the mainstream arts that were her real interest. To ensure that the Trust maintains the impact originally intended, we now focus on projects that help artists as they begin to make their way as independent creators, past the stages of initial aspiration and training. At every meeting of the Trustees, the number and quality of applications and the responses from beneficiaries continue to encourage us."

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Metropolitan University’s School of Art and Design (CSAD) was the first to successfully find a way of gaining further trust support, with their innovative start-up studios programme. The CSAD Graduate Incubation Unit provides graduates of Fine Art, Ceramics and the Artist Designer Maker degree a 12-month residency, with studio space, mentoring, and access to the University's facilities. The first five recipients were Sophie Adams, fine artist and book artist, Alice Elliott, lighting designer, Rhiannon Lewando, ceramic artist, Laura Welsman, fine artist and Katie Weyman, ceramicist.

Ceramic Plate by Katie Weyman



National Centre for

Circus Arts

Maisy Taylor, ‘Lift Off’ programme participant

Maisy Taylor, 'Lift Off' programme participant

"Support from The Fenton Arts Trust has been invaluable in developing 'Lift Off', our programme for graduating degree students – giving them the support and advice needed to open doors and truly thrive in the professional world. The Trust’s belief in the programme has also allowed us to evidence its importance, not just for our graduates but for the wider performing arts sector." Ben Wallace, Development Manager

East Neuk Festival

ENF Musical Retreat participants and tutors

"We set out to create an opportunity for young musicians to work intensively and connect with outstanding older musicians. In both respects I believe we have achieved our goals. We thank the Trustees for their support and faith in this project".

Svend Brown, Director


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